Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The Path of The Shell

Coming soon to a computer near you. Perhaps not, but it's definitely coming soon to a computer VERY near me. I'm enthralled by the entire MYST universe, and the new expansion pack to URU: Ages Beyond Myst is a must-buy for me. It will doubtless signal the beginning of a renewed period of hermit-like behavior on my part until, unshaven and maggoty-white I emerge from the computer-cave, blinking against the sudden daylight like Punxutawney Phil, looking for my shadow. I already know the results of the prognostication, however, as THIS is coming fast on the heels of the URU expansion pack.

Look for me soon on the backs of milk cartons ...


Blogger Kelly K said...

Why exactly are the Myst games so appealing to you? I think I have seen/played Myst for all of five minutes, and frankly wasn't terribly impressed.

Granted, I jumped into someone else's game (might have been yours even) that they had been playing for a while and felt completely lost, frustrated, and that overall sense of what-the-hell-is-going-on-here.

I'm always looking for good games so sell me on Myst and you may have a companion in that dark cave.

June 15, 2004  
Blogger HeadCheese said...

I put out an appeal to the masses at UO to come here and post their own experiences and why they like the games, they somehow ignored the link and to a person posted all their commentary, some quite eloquent, on the UO forum instead. I then posted a request for permission to quote their replies here, but as of yet, haven't gotten any replies.

So I suppose I'll just presume permission paste them here:

Juluck Posted: Jun 16 2004, 06:17 PM

"Ok, I love the Myst games because:

1. I find myself in the worlds of Myst. They're just gorgeous.
2. The story is endless. You can play the games as often as you want and you will always recognize another detail.
3. The puzzles are hard but the fairest I have ever seen. If you find yourself in the world and the story you'll solve every puzzle you want to.
And it is a great feeling if you finally solve a difficult one that had made you beeing stuck for several weeks.

These are my opinions about the game.
I hope others have these feelings too."

Mysty Fried Posted: Jun 16 2004, 07:09 PM
"They (MYST games) are very interesting games once you understand that you are the explorer/adventurer.

It took me a while to understand that and that I was suppose to be the one solving the puzzles.

After that....Well there was just no stoping me.

I would solve one puzzle and couldn't wait to get to the next.

I just had to see where this all ended up.

And you know I have played all of them and have not been dissappointed yet...."

Ravin Posted: Jun 16 2004, 07:50 PM
"The games of Myst are for those who truely wish to experience the wonder and the joy of being the first one into an unknown environment...

It is not for those who want to slash, maim. rape and kill everything in sight... If this is you desire you will need to go elsewhere...

If what you want is the wonder of discovery, the challenge of exploration, the joy of triumphantly defeating another mind bending conundrum...

then Myst and the sequels are for you..."

C'ris Posted: Jun 16 2004, 07:50 PM
"The Myst games bring you (the player) into other worlds. Its truly immersive, you are really living in these worlds for whatever length of time it takes to puzzle your way through them and then they are in your head for long after that Its partly how realistic the world's have come to be programmed and very definitely the continuing - past, present and future - story that goes with them. We play these games taking sometimes quite a long time to come to the end of a game, relishing the months it may take. We become a charactor in the game with the other charactors that appear from time to time. Atrus, Catherine and their family, and the people affected by them have become as real as the charactors in a well written book. To play any Myst game is to enjoy a classic. "

Aloys Posted: Jun 17 2004, 02:52 AM
"As Gadren says there are just some people that will never like Myst; even if they try. For some people it just doesn't click, that's all.
That said, if you have something to tell to try and help someone willing to try to get the feel of it, there's nothing better than the own words of Rand & Robyn Miller: turn the lights down, turn the sound up and act as if you were really here.. "

misty Posted: Jun 17 2004, 03:01 AM
"When playing any of the Myst series its like traveling into another world. You become part of it. The music surrounds you making the experience even more real and wonderous. When in this state, nothing around you matters for the time you are in an age. You want to turn every rock, climb every hill or mountain, open every door. Problem though, sometimes you have to come back and go to work!!!! But when you come home!!!!!!!

niostang Posted: Jun 17 2004, 04:53 AM
"i first played myst in '98 at a friend's house for about 20 minutes while she had a shower [can't believe i remember that]. then i spent the next two days hunting down a copy for myself and i've been following the series religiously ever since.
the games are stunningly beautiful right down to the last detail. i tend to spend the first twenty minutes of game play just looking at the surroundings. the myst games have the potential to be totally immersive for anyone who's willing to sit back and enjoy the ride. if you've got the imagination it'll get under your skin eventually. the myst series is escapism at its finest. the puzzles are fun and challenging and they range in difficulty, but i've never seen an easy myst puzzle [i like my challenges]. they're intuitive without being oblique.
these games are always surprising the first time you play them and you're always left wondering what could have happened next if you hadn't been kicked off the computer because "you've been there for too long." [sidenote: the games are addictive ]. "

June 23, 2004  

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