Friday, June 18, 2004

Writer's Hemorrhage

Surely, everyone is familiar with the concept of "writer's block," that circular-logic frustration of staring at a blank page (or screen) and willing something - ANYTHING - to come to the forefront of consciousness for the purpose of writing. All writers have expressed bouts of the phenomenon, and some have even reveled in it, using it as a topic upon which to expound.

I seem to have the opposite problem, at least at this early stage in my blogging career.

During my morning ablution, during which I routinely make my morning prayers, I considered writing a positional piece on the concepts of grace and gratitude and began mentally outlining my thoughts while wasting a inordinate amount of hot water. I decided it was a topic worthy of more meditation and put it back on the mental shelf.

As I pulled in the choke on my motorcycle in preparation for my morning commute and the engine burbled sleepily to life, I considered writing a bit about my dalliances on the edges of the biker-lifestyle and the odd, almost schizoid desire to remain a part of the rebel image, while simultaneously wishing for the mainstreaming of the whole moto-culture. We say that the world would be a better place if everyone rode a motorcycle and could understand the freedom of feeling the wind in your hair, while at same time the "brotherhood" of bikers is built on an "us against the world" mentality. First-time motorcycle owners just leaving the parking lot of their local dealership begin to look with disdain at motorists in their SUVs and air-conditioned comforts as the common enemy as an almost-instinctive response to pulling out into traffic. We are "us" because we're not "them." If everyone did join the rebel-faction, the bikers would lose their caché... What a conundrum! Perhaps I'll dig into this a bit more at a later time.

During the actual ride to work, I felt the stirrings of a bit of fiction about the origins of the little drips of moisture hitting my face while riding behind a large garbage truck on the Tollway. MMmmm... the places I could go with that one...

Being called "work" for a reason, I obviously can't write about each of those topics while on the company nickel, and I can only type so quickly before clocking in for the day or during my lunch breaks, so you'll have to settle for a quick overview of the virtual hemorrage of topics bouncing around in my skull until I have time to open up a vent and let them out properly.



Blogger Dianne said...

We should've known that given an audience, you'd blossom! :-)

June 21, 2004  

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