Friday, August 13, 2004


Today is Friday The 13th.
[Cue spooky music, evocative of slasher films]

Did you trip over the cat while sleepily stumbling your way to the shower this morning? Did you run out of hot water before you could rinse the stinging lather out of your eyes? Afterwards, did the toaster mysteriously set itself on "cremate" rather than "light," setting off the smoke detector in the hallway that made the dog wet the carpet with fear? Did you get a late start for work because you spent most of the time you usually dedicate to personal hygiene looking for your car keys - only to discover them on the seat of your car, behind locked doors? Did you arrive late to work, your boss pacing the floor anxiously wondering where you are because the current "emergency" has your name all over it?

Me, neither...

My life is interesting enough, with all its little plot twists and turns, without adding in any irrational fears based on calendar dates. Being a Friday, I tend to arrive at work in a lighter mood, knowing that the weekend is only a few hours away.


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