Thursday, July 08, 2004

I'm surrounded by clandestine talent

If you ever want to find out how mediocre your skills are in a particular area, discuss or try and display them among your coworkers or circle of friends.

For instance, if you believe you are a tolerable guitar-player, take your guitar to work and find out how many classically trained virtuosos are slumming at the desks near you. After they inspect your guitar (retuning it strictly by ear, of course, while looking at you quizzically over your "custom tuning") and whip out a little Vivaldi, they'll hand it back, expecting you to do the same or better. After all, why else did you bring your guitar to work, right? Try not to trip over your face on your way back to your cubicle.

Or perhaps you're proud of the fact that you just repaired a hole in the sheetrock of your house. Casually bringing it up in conversation will earn you an audio blueprint from the salesman in the front office who recently added on another bathroom to his house, the finer details of the new foundation, framing, plumbing and fixtures pushing your little triumph into the "I can change my own roll of toilet paper" category.

Maybe you think you're a clever thinker or have a budding talent at writing and ... Ah ... oh well, crap... I've whined enough. Just go read my friend's brand new blog.

No, really, I'll still be here when you get back.


Blogger Dianne said...

Want to know something you'll find fun? Within a few days of your blog's existence, you had more hits to it than I had to mine which was what... 2 months old? So there, stop feeling sorry for yourself ;-)

July 08, 2004  

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