Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Between the Posts

How many times have I contemplated a blog entry on my way to work, only to have it slip away along with the time to type it the moment I sit at the computer. Sigh.... It's been busy lately, and frankly when I get to work I have this almost irrational desire to ... um, well, you know... work.

I'm truly apologize to those who, time and time again, come here looking for new material only to see cobwebs forming on the posts below. I've been very busy and distracted with the process of living life, that I haven't made the time to sit down and write about it.

Some of those distractions have been in the form of musical compositions on my new iMac using GarageBand, though, if you'd like to take a listen. I've been working on more, but it's a lot harder than sitting down and typing out what's on my mind, and the ideas come more easily to me than the actual production, so I have another half-dozen or more tunes languishing for completion at present. I may even begin playing with PodCasting my blogs in the future, but like everything else, that takes time away from other commitments. Quiet, contemplative "alone-time" is pretty-much limited to the morning commute right now, so bear with me while I continue to suffer this creative ennui.


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