Thursday, October 20, 2005

Weekend Plans - The Quick Version

I'm leaving tomorrow morning with Blubrik for a motorcycle ride up to Arkansas. I'm looking forward to seeing the fall colors along the Talimena Scenic Byway this year. Somehow, I have always managed to miss the changing of the colors up there.

This weekend the CMA is having their 30th Anniversary party at Iron Mountain, their national headquarters in Hatfield (about 10 miles from my parents' house). There will be a huge quantity of bikers from around the country packed into western Arkansas. Add to that the Wheels and Wings Festival at the Mena Airport, and I doubt that there's a spare room to be had for a 50-mile radius.

We'll likely ride up to Altus, the "wine region" of Arkansas to visit several of the wineries up there, including one that is slated to have a grand opening of their new facilities on Saturday.

All in all, it should be an enjoyable weekend, full of activities and sights. It will also probably serve as something of a "last hurrah" before the weather turns too cool for longer rides.

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