Friday, November 19, 2004

Welcome New Readers!

If you're new to my little corner of the blogosphere, welcome!

If you're a regular reader or have visited before, apparently I've done a poor job of driving you off...

Regardless of the reason you find yourself here, I thought I'd take a moment and remind you of some of the basic "rules" of my web-log.

This site exists solely as an excersise in exorcising some of the stagnating creative energy that starts to pool when I get caught up in the daily grind and don't have time to express it. Originally, I planned to write on a daily basis, but that in itself became part of the daily grind.

Stories that are in italics are fictional works sprung from my fevered brain. They may be sweet or sick as the mood that inspired them dictates, but please don't confuse them with actual events. Speaking of ...

Posts that are in regular type are just my thoughts laid out for the sake of expressing my views on a topic or reminiscing about past events. I reserve the right to take some artistic license, particularly when trying to dredge up memories of my increasingly distant childhood.

While there may be elements of personal disclosure on this blog, it is not a private diary - It is intended to be read, and I don't post anything here that I don't want you to know. That said, I do go out of my way to provide a level of anonymity to persons other than myself that I write about, so I would prefer that your comments extend the same courtesy. Ah yes, comments...

If you like what you read, leave a comment. If you are inspired, disturbed or moved by something you read, leave a comment. If you are left in a permanent vegetative state by something your read here, have the executor of your estate leave a comment. The point is, I want your feedback. I also reserve the right to delete moonbat comments or offensive material at my sole discretion and based on seemingly arbitrary rules of conduct. It is MY blog, after all, and I get to decide the content.

Lastly, don't forget to click on the archives to see all the articles available here. Only the last few posts show up on the main page, and if that's all you read, you're missing the majority of the content here.


Blogger HeadCheese said...

This is what a comment looks like.

November 19, 2004  
Blogger Richard said...

Please, I am so looking forward to reading some more of your very interesting writing. Happy Holidays R

December 12, 2004  

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